Why Mauritius? Maybe you know the story of the Blue Mauritius stamp (details here). In a nutshell - the stamp looked the same at first look but there were differnecies in the text on the stamp (Post Office vs. Post Paid). Unfortunately a similar situation can occur with cards. You receive the card from driver/co-driver/mechanic or other team member or you take a card from the standing in the service area and you are thinking you have this card in your collection. Really? Watch out! It's happened to me many times. There are cards that are the same at first look but after closer inspection you will find differencies - such as a different co-driver, different sponsor or different photo.

You can find cards with some differnecies in this gallery. If you know cards which are different and are not in this gallery I will be happy to share them with me via Facebook or Instagram. I will add them to the gallery.